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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Volunteering at Shannex

At Shannex, we are committed to providing service excellence and we recognize our caring volunteers are an important part of our success.
If you have time to share and enjoy the company of others, then you have qualities which make a good volunteer. Shannex is the perfect place for you to give of yourself to those who are older and those with disabilities. Other good qualities include an ability to relate easily to others and good communication skills. You should also be self-directed, motivated, reliable and responsible.
Volunteers play a vital role in the lives of Shannex clients...
As a volunteer you will be part of a facility’s recreation team, which plays an important role in enhancing clients’ quality of life and well-being. We provide daily recreation programs that enhance and maintain the client’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. As a volunteer, you will be an essential part of that service. You will enrich the social environment of the facility and provide more opportunities for client interaction. Through activity and friendship you will help enable clients to live full, active lives.
Get started today...
Becoming a Shannex volunteer is easy. If you’re interested in discussing volunteer opportunities or applying for a volunteer position, please contact your nearest Shannex facility. 
For locations and contact information please call 1-877-564-6749 or email volunteer@shannex.com.
Thank You...
You’ll hear “thank you” many times, however the best thanks often comes in the form of a client’s smile and from the knowledge that you have made a difference in a client’s life.