Embracing Intergenerational Connections at Parkland

mai 31, 2024
Samantha Rose with a resident at Parkland Truro
Samantha’s youngest holds hands with a resident at Parkland Truro

Intergenerational Day

This Intergenerational Day, we highlight one of our changemakers at Shannex – Wellness Coach, Samantha Rose. Recognizing the significance of meaningful connections, Samantha has integrated her family into the Parkland Truro community, fostering intergenerational bonds and creating new family traditions.

Samantha’s role as a Wellness Coach is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of each resident, and she brings this passion to her team daily.

This year, Samantha began incorporating her two daughters into Parkland Truro’s activities. Starting with occasional visits and gradually expanding their involvement, her family became an integral part of the community fabric. They even earned endearing nicknames, like “mini Sam” for Samantha’s youngest daughter.

“We started slow, attending benefit bingo nights, gradually working our way into the recreation calendar with our events.”

In March, Samantha’s mother helped coordinate an Easter activity during a Spring Social event. My mother and  eldest daughter helped serve homemade bird nest treats and refreshments, while my six-year-old danced to ‘Newfie Music’ as the residents clapped and cheered her on!”

The decision to merge her two worlds – family and work – came naturally to Samantha as she witnessed how residents enjoyed activities involving youth.

“My children have made special and unique bonds with a few of the residents, and they always ask when can they come to work with mom to visit them. The residents are always asking how my kids are doing, and wondering when the next visit will be. It warms my heart in the biggest way!”

Reflecting on her journey, Samantha emphasized the importance of compassion and genuine care in her role as a Wellness Coordinator. She believes these qualities form the foundation of strong connections with residents, paving the way for meaningful interactions and lasting relationships.

“One of my favorite parts of being the Wellness Coach is simply just being a part of the resident’s day, and walking away knowing I made a difference that day. I am constantly learning from our residents. From the proper spelling of words I’ve never known, to learning how to crochet; every resident has something to offer/teach, and I soak it all up like a sponge!” 

Looking to the future, Samantha envisions herself thriving in her position, with the possibility of exploring management roles down the road.


Learn how Parkland’s Harmony Wellness Program embraces the spiritual dimension of wellness through intergenerational relationships with seniors and children.


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