Helping seniors age at home

Shannex is pleased to be a part of the Nursing Home Without Walls initiative. Offering support and services to older adults in the community, the Nursing Home Without Walls program is a collaboration between Social Development, the Université de Moncton, and Healthcare Excellence Canada. 

The program was created in 2019 by Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, a researcher at the Université de Moncton. The overarching goal of the program is to promote healthy aging at home by ensuring that older adults and their caregivers living in New Brunswick can age in place with access to appropriate knowledge, support and services.

Support and Services

Nursing Home without Walls offers support and services to older adults in the community aimed at increasing the quality of life for seniors living at home.

  • Ensure that older adults and their families have access to appropriate services and information related to aging in place. 
  • Provide social health initiatives to counter social isolation and loneliness to older adults and their caregivers. 
  • Increase knowledge on health-related issues important to aging in place and healthy aging for older adults and their caregivers. 
  • Empower the local community to respond to the needs of an aging population.

Community Leadership

We are committed to creating meaningful connections with older adults in the community and we are proud to partner with like-minded individuals whose work supports the wellbeing of seniors.

We also value the opportunity to welcome seniors from the community in our homes where they will have the opportunity to meet other seniors alike and take part in activities. 

Meet the Team

Tammy Malley
Senior Navigator, Miramichi

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Tammy Malley

Meet Tammy Malley, a dedicated Seniors Navigator committed to ensuring that seniors can age at home safely and joyfully through the Nursing Home Without Walls initiative. With a Bachelor of Community Health from Brock University, Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. 


In her capacity as a Seniors Navigator, Tammy connects seniors with essential services and guides them through the complexities of the healthcare and social service system. Her compassionate approach and understanding demeanor make her an invaluable resource for seniors seeking support in navigating their unique challenges. 

Tammy takes the lead in managing the Nursing Home Without Walls team in Miramichi, NB, ensuring a coordinated effort to provide holistic care and support to seniors in their homes. 

For Tammy, the Nursing Home Without Walls initiative is not just a job; it’s a passion-driven commitment to enhancing the quality of life for seniors and promoting a sense of connection within the community.  

Kalecia Young
Seniors Wellness Coordinator, Miramichi

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Kalecia Young

Meet Kalecia Young, a Seniors Wellness Coordinator, dedicated to providing crucial program support for the Nursing Home Without Walls initiative in Miramichi, NB. In her role, Kalecia visits isolated seniors, supervises events, acts as a reliable point of contact for seniors engaged in activities, and offers essential social interaction to our Nursing Home Without Walls seniors. 

Kalecia’s ability to connect with people and ensure a positive experience is an asset to the seniors she supports. Kalecia holds a Child and Youth Care diploma from New Brunswick Community College, reflecting her commitment to understanding the unique needs of diverse age groups. Furthermore, she possesses a Certificate in Carpentry, showcasing her versatile skill set. 

Kalecia’s multifaceted background and genuine passion for enhancing the well-being of seniors make her an invaluable member of the Nursing Home Without Walls team.  

Brenda Foster
Senior Navigator, Greater Saint John

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Brenda Foster

Introducing Brenda Foster, Seniors Navigator dedicated to serving seniors from Greater Saint John, NB, including Grand Bay- Westfield, Quispamsis, and Rothesay. Passionate about supporting seniors and their families, Brenda’s primary goal is to connect seniors with essential services that enable them to age comfortably in their own homes. She believes that fostering connections to communities and resources is vital for the mental health and well-being of seniors. 

Brenda’s educational background lies in Human Services and Holistic Health, allowing a holistic approach to addressing the unique needs of seniors. She also holds valuable experience in mental health, addictions, housing, and domestic violence. She is excited to lend her knowledge and expertise to the Nursing Home Without Walls program. 

As a Senior Navigator, Brenda collaborates with Embassy Hall, Tucker Hall, Cohen Hall, and the Greater Saint John area community, striving to make a positive impact and facilitate a lasting difference in the lives of seniors. 

Contact Us

Are you 60 or over and looking for services to help you stay at home? 

Are you already serving seniors in the community and want to be part of our Nursing Home Without Walls project?

Contact our Senior Navigator at Losier Hall or Embassy Hall/Cohen Hall/Tucker Hall with the Nursing Home Without Walls project to learn more:


Losier Hall

515 Water St,
Miramichi, NB
E1V 0K4


Embassy Hall, Cohen Hall, Tucker Hall

75 Bloom Ln,
Saint John, NB
E2K 0K7


Brenda Foster, Seniors Navigator