Leading the way

Strategic Plan

April 2023–March 2028

Strategic Directions

Our new strategic plan was thoughtfully developed through extensive consultation and engagement with residents, families, team members and trusted partners. With five strategic directions as our guide, we will deliver on an ambitious plan to continue on our journey toward Leading the Way to Better Living.

Our founding vision to improve life for seniors remains the hallmark of the organization and will continue to motivate our leadership and every one of our team members as we strive to accomplish the goals of this plan.

Jason Shannon
Strategic Directions

Resident Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our residents encompasses all aspects of their lives. Wellbeing includes physical, social, intellectual, professional, spiritual and emotional dimensions so that residents are living their best lives with us. It also means residents are safe in their environment and in the care and service we provide.

We will elevate the voice of the resident; we will treat them with respect, protect their dignity, see them, hear them and continually improve upon our delivery of resident-directed care and service.

Strategic Expectations and Five-Year Goals

Resident quality of life is upheld and enriched by living with us

Achieve 80% average positive response rate on Quality of Life survey

Residents are meaningfully engaged and enjoy their community through recreation and social activities

Achieve 70% score within the Engaged Social Life category on Quality of Life survey

Resident clinical and safety outcomes meet or exceed national standards

Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) indicators meet or exceed national benchmarks for all nursing homes

Our services positively impact resident wellbeing

We understand, measure and implement practices that positively impact resident frailty

Residents have an exceptional food and dining experience

Achieve a 5% year-over-year improvement within the Food category on Quality of Life survey

The Resident Voice

Initiatives like the Harbourstone Behavioural Innovation Pilot is one of the ways we’ll challenge ourselves to think differently, introduce new expertise and use data effectively to ensure every resident is safe, well and enjoys their home no matter what challenges they face.

We ask residents what they like. We ask them about their background and what brings joy to their lives. By creating personalized programs, residents are happy, fulfilled and settled in their home.

Kyle Richardson
Regional Manager, Enhanced Care, Sydney, NS
Strategic Directions

Employee Experience

The health and happiness of our team members matters to us. We are focused on creating fulfilling experiences for our Great People throughout all stages of their work life with us.

Safe, supportive, inclusive and respectful environments that prioritize the wellbeing of every team member make us an employer of choice everywhere we operate.

Strategic Expectations and Five-Year Goals

Employees are safe and well

Safety Profile Score is above 90%

Employees feel included, respected, valued, and appreciated

Employee engagement score is 85% and our diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategy is developed, implemented and measurable

Employees stay and grow their career with us

We retain 85% of our employees annually, and 85% of our new hires stay with us more than six months

Our employees speak highly of us

Eighty-five percent (85%) of our employees recommend us as a place to work on the annual Employee Engagement survey

We attract great people who want to work with us

Ninety percent (90%) of open positions have an accepted offer within 30 days

Great People Grow With Us

We love to see our Great People grow here and we will continue to be committed to ensuring they have our full support by providing safe and inclusive workplaces where they are recognized and rewarded with opportunities to grow their career and work with purpose everyday.

I’m grateful for the support I received to grow my career here. I feel like what I’m doing is meaningful. I’m honoured to be there for residents and their families and I love creating amazing experiences that build trusting relationships.

Jovana Bailey
General Manager, Parkland on Eglinton West,
Etobicoke, ON
Strategic Directions

Service Excellence

Residents, families, employees, volunteers, partners, and the greater community must have trust in us to deliver on our responsibilities with compassion, honesty and professionalism while maintaining the highest safety standards.

We earn this trust by consistently delivering exceptional experiences with service excellence that is inspired by our commitment to placing residents first.

Strategic Expectations and Five-Year Goals

People want to live with us

Shannex is a preferred long term care provider, and our retirement living occupancy targets are met

Residents have an exceptional experience during move-in and throughout the continuum

A move-in survey is made available to all residents and completion targets are achieved. Eighty-five percent (85%) score is achieved on Quality of Life survey questions that residents recommend living with us and feel their needs are met

Service delivery standards are consistently upheld by all sites

Eighty-five percent (85%) of retirement living brand standards are met and long term care licensing and accredited status is maintained for all communities

Shannex is a trusted organization and partner

An organizational Trust Measure is established and targets are set and achieved

Shannex’s Great People uphold the Guiding Principles

Achieve 75% positive response on questions indicating relationship with team members on Quality of Life survey

Exceptional Experiences

Organizational standards of excellence such as our Service Excellence Standards and Guiding Principles will ensure residents, team members and trusted partners enjoy a consistently exceptional experience that is delivered through a shared responsibility and an approach that is open to new ideas and collaboration.

We develop special bonds with residents because we have the privilege of working in their home. Getting to know them and understanding their stories and preferences inspires us to ensure they are having an outstanding experience whether they’re enjoying a light breakfast or a three-course meal.

Dana Schiefer
Chief Culinary Officer
Strategic Directions

Healthy Business

Ensuring we run a healthy business means we are here for the future. We are committed to growing, adapting, evolving, innovating, and improving. It means we will invest in our company, and we will be fiscally responsible so that we can deliver what our residents, team members and communities need to thrive.

Strategic Expectations and Five-Year Goals

We are financially stable and we meet our obligations

Financial targets are met

We meet the increased demand for accommodations and services for elders

Demonstrated contributions to alleviating pressure within the greater health system

We are responsible to our community, give back through Great People, sector leadership, partnerships and the Shannex Cares Foundation

Community giving targets are met through Shannex Cares program

We have a culture of innovation that improves the lives of residents and team members

Evidence demonstrates that innovation is present in all aspects of our organization

Our properties and assets are consistently well maintained

Quality of Life, Building and Property Maintenance Standards and Asset Management scorecards achieve 90%

Here for the Future

The Shannex Insights Lab is just one example of the many ways we’re committed to innovation that improves the lives of seniors, creates better conditions for our team members and contributes to quality care. Over the course of the next five years, we’ll play a leadership role in developing age-friendly communities, sector solutions that support the healthcare system and we’ll continue to support communities where we operate.

The Shannex Insights Lab harnesses data from our own residents and team members to help us create solutions that enhance the ways we deliver individualized service and quality care.

Kathleen Norman
Senior Director, Performance and Innovation
Strategic Directions

Environmental Stewardship

We recognize we must take steps to increase our commitment to protecting the environment with an action plan that transforms the way we prioritize sustainability.

We will create organizational policies and practices and invest in resources that engage every person who lives and works with us, empowering them to make a difference toward protecting our planet.

Strategic Expectations and Five-Year Goals

We reduce our greenhouse gas emission and are energy efficient

Maintain ISO 50001 certification and reduce energy intensity by 5%

We divert waste from landfills

Achieve an organizational diversion rate of 30%

We manage our water consumption using best practices

Record minimal variation and best practice performance in our water usage intensity metric (WUI) across all communities

We source materials and purchase goods responsibly and sustainably

Align with ISO 20400:2017 – Sustainable Procurement Standards

Our building designs and standards are environmentally conscious

Each new building has lower energy intensity (GJ/m²) and lower GHG emission per resident

We grow and support a community of team members and residents who are environmental stewards

One hundred per cent (100%) of our communities have a Green Team or Green Team function

Protecting the Environment

Programs and activities like our Community Green Teams are examples of the collaboration required to help us realize change. When all team members and residents work together, we’ll be able to identify and action initiatives that make a difference in our own communities and the entire planet.

We all need to do our part to protect our planet. It will take the efforts of many, but if we work together, I’m hopeful for the future.

Maureen Banyard
Resident, Parkland at the Gardens and Green Team member

Measurement and Reporting

The success of our strategic plan will be rooted in the awareness and support of our Great People. That’s why, we’ve clearly articulated and communicated each of our five strategic directions, associated expectations and five-year SMART goals. Executive leaders assigned to each direction will oversee annual priority and goal-setting processes. Progress toward these goals through quality improvement initiatives, projects and operational work plans will be monitored through quarterly scorecard reporting. Teams will also have access to quality improvement, project and change management expertise and structures to support their work.

Along the way, we’ll share results annually through a report to community that will track our progress against the strategic directions and to reflect our environmental, social and governance impacts.

Recognizing that many things can change over the course of five years, we’ll use a quality management and accountability framework that assesses progress through regular analysis and reporting and considers external factors and other influences. This way, we can make adjustments as needed during our annual planning cycle to keep us appropriately focused.

Shannex Cares

Our Shannex Cares community program seeks to strengthen the strong interconnectedness between the people who live and work with us with the greater communities through partnerships, access to funding and the sharing of knowledge and resources. Specifically, we prioritize support in areas that reflect the values of residents and team members.