Shannex Cares

We care about community.

It’s what started us on this journey almost 35 years ago, when our founder, Joseph Shannon, purchase a nursing home in Sydney, Cape Breton.

Since then, we’ve seen that strong connections between the people who live and work with us and the greater community create fulfilling experiences for residents, their families and team members. 

Our new Shannex Cares community program is designed to deepen these connections as we deliver on our vision of Leading the Way to Better Living.

Shannex Cares. It’s at the heart of who we are.

Our Why? We are Elder Allies.

As people who have the privilege of being part of communities of elders, we appreciate the wisdom, experience and vibrancy seniors contribute throughout their lives. 

We also recognize that, as people grow older, they face many issues including ageism, access to affordable and inclusive housing, social isolation, access to care and services, and mental health challenges.

Community Leadership

We want to extend the ambitions of our Great People and highlight the great work being done every day. We engage others in our efforts and amplify the work we are doing as Elder Allies which includes partnering with key stakeholder groups like government, non-profits, educational institutions and others who are making difference on issues affecting seniors.

Great People Give

Our Great People make a difference in the lives of seniors every day. Through our Shannex Cares program, we want to help extend our support to community groups who are Elder Allies like you. The Great People Give donation fund is designed to support programs and initiatives that create visible and meaningful opportunities for elders to be seen, heard and valued for their wisdom and talents.

Community Spirit Grant

Our Shannex Cares community program allows us to influence real change and make a difference in the lives of seniors. One of the ways we do this is through our Community Spirit Grants which offer funding for organizations to support projects and initiatives within our focus areas of seniors’ wellness, seniors’ active living, and seniors’ social connections.

Share on Care

We know we are a leader in our sector and we know our learnings can benefits others in our industry. We are committed to proactively and freely share information and resources that will help others improve the lives of seniors and enhance the quality of life and health of those we serve.

Our Areas of Focus

Seniors’ wellness

Seniors’ active living 

Seniors’ social connections