Our continuum of service

As we age, our care needs change. Determining the level of care that’s right for you is a personal decision. At Shannex, we understand that people value choice and independence; this is the foundation of our philosophy of service and our commitment to residents and families.

Our team members provide a range of services and care to seniors across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. We recognize needs can change over time. It is why we have designed a continuum of service that provides peace of mind knowing when you need us, we will be there.

Home care

Providing one-on-one assistance to residents in the comfort of their homes, Shannex’s Care at Home division supports seniors to maintain independence while developing personal connections with their care providers. Our team is there to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Retirement living and lifestyle residences

Whether you’re interested in socializing, arts and culture, fitness or all of the above, you will find that everything at Parkland and Faubourg has been designed to keep you doing what you love with built-in support when you need it. Beautiful campuses, amenities at your doorstep, endless activities and service excellence.

Long term care

Every Shannex nursing home is licensed by the provincial government and accredited through Accreditation Canada. Long term care residents receive nursing and personal care with access to allied health professionals including dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and recreation therapists. Access to long term care is granted by assessment and application through the provincial government.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to come in for a specific number of hours per week/month?

No. We are very flexible, and we want this experience to be enjoyable for you and to fit into your routine and availability.

What is included in a Social Development Record Check? How is it different from a Criminal Record Check?

A Social Development Record Check looks for court orders, findings, or dangerous and destructive behaviour involving children, adults and/or seniors.  A Criminal Background Check looks for police-related infractions.  Both of these checks are completed at the applicant’s expense.

Will I get support throughout my volunteering?

The Recreation Team Members/Wellness Coaches in each of our communities will be available to teach and guide you throughout the process until you become comfortable to be on your own with our residents.


Q. What if I am unsure at times how to communicate with some residents?
  1. It is important to maintain honest communication with our Recreation Team Members to ensure that your volunteer experience is successful. If you are having difficulty communicating with some of our residents, please come and see us. We will be happy to provide you with some education and tips on how to communicate with our residents.
Q. Do I need experience/training with seniors?
  1. No experience required, just a willingness to spend time with seniors. Some basic training is provided during orientation.
Q. What are some volunteer opportunities/activities at Shannex?
  1. There are three key volunteer roles for which we have established descriptions of responsibilities: Recreation Program Assistant; Resident Companion; and New Resident Welcome Support. Our volunteers support several different activities, and these activities vary from the level of care offered on the campus. Activities such as Bingo calling, trivia quizzing, Scrabble, Giant Crosswords, exercise classes, manicures, music and entertainment, therapy dogs, conversation groups (current events, travel, etc.), crafts and baking, one-on-one visits, games (bean bag toss, board games), special events activities, coffee/socials, gardening or spiritual activities are only some of the activities that are currently offered.
Q. Can my hours be logged for school, training purposes?
  1. You can do so by signing in/out in the lobby, as well as by completing school paperwork.