Our Continuum of Service

At Shannex, we understand that people value choice and independence; this is the foundation of our Philosophy of Service and our commitment to residents and families.

Our continuum of service recognizes that residents’ needs may change.  From the moment they arrive in their new home, the continuum ensures we can easily support them with service and care options to meet their needs. 

Welcome to Kiknu

Kiknu, which means “our home” in Mi’kmaq, will be Nova Scotia’s first long term care home on a First Nation community.

Our People

Often, the impact our Great People have in the lives of residents and their families extends far beyond the exceptional care and service provided. A hand to hold. A listening ear. A voice of encouragement on a hard day. 

They are the spirit and foundation of our organization and we are proud to share their stories.

Black History Month Profile: Ola Oludimine
Great People Grow Here: Mandy Wingert
Joan Craig Bursary Story: Mary Jane (MJ) Gonzalvo

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