Celebrating Filipino Heritage: A Cultural Journey at Parkland at the Lakes

juin 13, 2024

At Parkland at the Lakes, we proudly celebrated Filipino Heritage Month by creating an enlightening cultural display for our Kinross Residents.

This vibrant exhibit, dedicated to our amazing Filipino team members, offered a deep dive into the rich tapestry of Filipino traditions.

The display featured an assortment of Filipino delicacies, inviting everyone to savor the flavors that are central to Filipino culture: native slippers, fans, and intricately woven bags made from coconut leaves, each item showcasing Filipino craftsmanship and resourcefulness.

Central to our exhibit was the Barong Tagalog, a formal shirt for men that beautifully blends pre-colonial native and Spanish colonial styles. Traditionally made from sheer textiles like piña or abacá, the Barong is a symbol of Filipino elegance and national pride. Alongside the Barong, we displayed the “Daster,” a comfortable dress that evokes memories of Filipino mothers, aunts, and grandmothers, embodying the essence of Filipino domestic life.

Our exhibit also included everyday household items like the “Walis Tambo,” a whisk broom that is more than just a cleaning tool—it’s a cultural icon representing the Filipino dedication to a clean and orderly home. The “Tabo,” a practical dipper traditionally made from coconut and bamboo, highlighted the ingenuity and environmental consciousness of Filipino ancestors.

One heartwarming story emerged from our celebration: a resident, whose late wife was Filipina, requested dried mangoes from the display. This simple yet poignant request underscored the personal connections and memories that cultural artifacts can evoke.

This celebration at Parkland at the Lakes not only honored our Filipino team members but also provided a rich cultural learning experience for our entire community. Through these symbols of Filipino heritage, we bridged generations and backgrounds, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beautiful mosaic of traditions that enrich our lives.

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