Together, we are Leading the Way to Better Living™ for seniors in our communities. As a valued team member, you play a vital role in our continued growth, evolution and success as a trusted provider of accommodations, services and care. Together, we create exceptional resident experiences and a positive, fulfilling work environment where every voice matters and individuality is celebrated. Above all, we are guided by our values, Philosophy of Service and Guiding Principles: We are compassionate, honest, professional and safe.

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Virtual Health and Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Your wellness matters to us. Consult+ is our virtual health and employee and family assistance program, providing peace-of-mind access to 24/7 virtual health and wellness support with access to a range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, counsellors, psychologist and others.

Safety, Health and Wellness  

Shannex is committed to creating communities that value physical and mental health, and taking a holistic approach to personal and workplace wellness.

Recognition and Rewards for Great People

Recognition is an important part of sharing success. At Shannex, we celebrate the impact of Great People and exceptional service in our communities in many ways.

Six-Step Ethical Framework

We encourage everyone to use this framework if you find yourself facing a difficult decision or issue. No matter your role, everyone can benefit from using this process.