Great People Feature: Pawan and Abigail

mai 23, 2024
PEGs Pawan and Abigail give back to their community

Pawan and Abigail Lead with Heart at Parkland on Eglinton West

During Great People Month, we shine a spotlight on exceptional individuals like Pawan and Abigail, Lifestyle Consultants at Parkland on Eglinton West (PEG), who exemplify one of Shannex’s guiding principles: compassion.

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is Pawan, whose dedication extends beyond this one visit. Every weekend, she volunteers at the Etobicoke Humane Society, offering comfort to cats awaiting forever homes.

The initiative resonated deeply within our community, reflecting our shared commitment to giving back. Generous donations poured in from residents, families, and team members, embodying our values of community and compassion.

“Coordinating the fundraiser with Pawan for National Pet Month was incredibly rewarding,” shared Abigail. “At PEG, where many cherish memories of pets, it’s heartwarming to see our community rally to support the Etobicoke Humane Society.”

PEG chauffer Frank, and Lifestyle Consultants, Abigail and Pawan

In celebration of National Pet Month, Pawan welcomed Abigail and Chauffeur Frank to join.

They delivered a van filled with donations, and were greeted by adorable pets like Roo, a 12-week-old rescue pup.

With a deep understanding of the importance of pets in the lives of our residents, many of whom are pet owners themselves or have cherished memories of furry companions from their younger years, the initiative resonated deeply within our community.

In the spirit of Great People Month, we want to extend our appreciation to everyone who contributed to this wonderful cause. Your generosity and compassion have made a real difference in the lives of animals in need, embodying the values of community, compassion, and safe that define our Shannex family.

Pawan and Abigail, your dedication to supporting your community – both inside and outside our walls – inspires us all.


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