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Our Community Spirit Program

Our Community Spirit Program provides a framework that allows us to lead the way to better living by influencing real change and making a difference in the lives of all seniors. Specifically, we affect positive change in the areas of seniors’ mental health, anti-ageism, affordable and inclusive housing, quality care.

We support the communities where we live and work as we know that strong and meaningful connections within our communities create fulfilling experiences for our residents, their families and our team members, and help us deliver on our vision, values and Philosophy of Service.

By supporting causes that matter to residents, their families and our team members, we contribute to improving the lives of seniors. And as we engage our Great People in our community work, they see themselves as contributing to solutions that address broader issues facing seniors and we get to provide additional tools to help them do more.

Elevate the Elder

“Elevate the Elder” anchors our entire Community Spirit Program and guides community partnership and investment decisions, advocacy agendas and other programs. By elevating the elder, we create visible and meaningful opportunities for elders to be seen, heard and valued for their wisdom and talents.

• Intergenerational
• Community Spirit Grants for employees (for public in phase 2)
• Volunteers
• Stakeholders/Advocacy

Share on Care

We recognize there is always an opportunity to learn and do better to ensure residents live their best lives and our Great People are supported in their work. We are a leader in our sector, finding creative solutions and always pushing the envelope to develop the next generation of professionals. In the spirit of community and sector support, we proactively and freely share information and resources that will help others improve the lives of seniors and improve the quality of life and health of those we serve.

• Research and Surveys
• Academic Partnerships
• Quality Care and Innovation

Community Investment

We continue to explore ways to expand our partnerships to create opportunities that support and build links between seniors, our Great People and the greater communities. Our Community Investment prioritizes support in the following areas which reflect the values of our residents and team members:

• Seniors’ mental health
• Intergenerational
• Anti-ageism
• Elder empowerment and recognition
• Diversity and inclusion
• Support for local
• Affordable and inclusive housing for seniors