A Bridge into the Community

octobre 24, 2022

Parkland on Eglinton West

Joseph Tillie teaching his fellow residents how to play bridge.

Since the 1930s, Bridge has been one of the most popular card games in the world. As a former president of a Bridge club, Joseph Tillie saw an opportunity to share his passion with the residents of Parkland Eglinton West and start teaching others.

“People can get very lonely, but if you get them together, they start talking and connecting. I saw more people who wanted to play but didn’t know how. I thought I could start Bridge lessons and help those interested with the basics,” explains Joseph.

Joseph has played Bridge for over 30 years, but his card playing was put on hold while he cared for his wife. After Joseph moved to Parkland, his love of the game quickly returned when he saw residents gathered around a table with their cards, inspiring Joseph to create a Bridge club and share a few tips and tricks.

For Joseph, Bridge is more than a card game, it helped him create a connection with his new community,
“I enjoy living in a community with other people. I believe that when you live in a community, you should do something, that is why I try to help and contribute where I can.”


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