Residents’ Voices

octobre 24, 2022
The authors of “Residents’ Voices” Naomi Black, Elaine Hawkins and Barbara Cooper, otherwise known as The Flamboyance.


Naomi Black, Elaine Hawkins and Barbara Cooper, three active residents at Parkstone Enhanced Care, are also known as “The Flamboyance.” It’s a name inspired by a flamingo-themed gift from one of their daughters. Together, they wrote an honest and

insightful story titled Residents’ Voices which is a real-life glimpse into their day-to-day life. The piece was intended to be comical and something to help pass the time, but it quickly developed into an important message, dispelling many myths about life in long term care. In Naomi’s words, “we want to see this story have an impact.”

We are honoured that The Flamboyance shared their message, and we hope to help them reach many others. You can find Residents’ Voices on our websites this fall.

Unfortunately, one member of the Flamboyance, Barbara, passed away earlier this year. We offer our deepest condolences to her loved ones and are grateful for the valuable legacy she left through this piece of work.


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