A Flurry of Events

mai 8, 2024

Parkland Cape

Terri Spooney with York MacEachern

When severe weather is in the forecast, our team members pull together to ensure they are ready to face all conditions.

In February, Nova Scotia was hit by a massive snowstorm leaving 150 centimeters of snow in Cape Breton, that’s nearly five feet of snow!

Undeterred, our dedicated Great People in many of our communities traveled to work by any means necessary to care for residents. We thank our teams for their resilient and persistent spirits during the snowy season.

Wellness coach Terri Spooney had to change plans quickly and decided to host events the Cape Breton way. She invited resident York MacEachern to play guitar as the snow piled up outside.

The performance turned the day around and residents loved the live concert.

Jennie Lutz-Burns, General Manager at Parkland West Bedford, joined her team to make sure walkways were cleared for residents and visitors after the winter storm.

Another snowstorm in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, turned one eight hour shift into 72-hour shift for one part-time employee:

Read Beyond the Blizzard: Rylan’s 72-hour Shift

Parkland West

Jennie Lutz-Burns, General Manager at Parkland West Bedford



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