Volunteers: A Work of Heart

mai 8, 2024
Dianne Woodley, Audrey Cuvilier, Roberta Ash (front) with Roslyn Isnor, Laurie Dauphinee, Jeannie Welsh (back)

Maplestone Enhanced Care

Team members and residents recently celebrated a special group of volunteers as they retired from their work at Maplestone. These volunteers have been a part of the Maplestone family for upwards of 34 years,spending countless hours of time and energy to support residents. This energetic and caring group organizes weekly dances, live music and events, and holds annual fundraisers to provide holiday gis to every resident.

We wish them the very best and hope we will see some of them return to visit in the future. If you or someone you know would like to become a volunteer with Shannex:

Special thanks to recreation programmers Kelsey Brown and Danielle Thakur, and to manager Jennifer Kirby for your exceptional work supporting our volunteers.

Join Shannex and become a valued volunteer, forging meaningful connections and friendships while making a positive impact!

Volunteering is more than just giving your time! It’s about forming genuine connections with the residents in our communities.



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