Whimsical Watercolours

février 21, 2024

Parkland Clayton Park

Gary Chamberlain, resident at Parkland Clayton Park, Halifax, NS

As you enter Gary Chamberlain’s room at Parkland Clayton Park, you quickly see how his passion for art has created a space filled with bright colours and lifelong memories.

Gary is an artist at heart. Over the years, he has collected many beautiful paintings, from watercolour to oil, and has an extensive collection of his work ranging from Christmas cards to framed florals.

Gary has been an artist for many years. He loves working with watercolours and has learned a variety of techniques that add precise details to his art. The wondrous watercolour paintings are created from his imagination and are hand-created, so no two paintings are alike. With each stroke of the paintbrush, he has created a captivating work of art with a unique story. His talent and a keen eye for detail make his paintings breathtakingly beautiful.


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