Culinary Centre Reaches New Safety Goal

février 21, 2024
Paul Pothier, Production Cook

Shannex Culinary Centre

In October, the Nova Scotia Culinary Centre achieved 12 consecutive months of perfect Safety Profile Scores (SPS). The SPS measures safety performance within every Shannex, Parkland and Faubourg Community, and the Culinary Centre is the first division to achieve this 12-month accomplishment. 

“Achieving this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the whole team actively involved and working safely. Congratulations to the team and to Katelyn Whittaker, Culinary Production Manager for making this happen.” Dana Schiefer, Shannex’s Chief Culinary Officer.

To have a perfect score, the team had to meet the following qualifications successfully: 

  • Eighty percent of staff have their mandatory safety training. 
  • Safety inspections must identify seven hazards, actions, or opportunities for improving safety. 
  • The Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC) needs to have a minimum number of members, do their inspections, make a recommendation, and share a safety message. 
  • At least two monthly team members must be nominated for the Caught You Being Safe recognition.
  • Safety communication must be posted and visible to the staff as per their right to know under occupational health legislation. 
  • There should be zero or very few team members off on Workers’ Compensation Board claims, indicating less severe incidents and a best practice for return to work.

This fast-paced kitchen environment delivers food to most of Shannex’s long-term care communities throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It produces roughly 5,000 meals daily and around 664,950 homemade cookies annually.

Jorde Boutilier and Kate Rankin, Bakers 



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