‘Gifts Like This Make it Easier’

janvier 10, 2022
(L-R) Mairibeth Riley, Harbourstone resident, Philip Lynk, and Courtney Richardson stand in front of the SPCA after dropping off a donation.

Animals hold a special place in the hearts of many in the Harbourstone Enhanced Care community. It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, including our furry friends.

In honour of Workplace Wellness Month in October and the call to action for campuses to give back to the broader community, Occupational Health Nurse, Courtney Richardson, brought forward the idea of collecting donations for the SPCA.

“It’s a charity that’s near and dear to a lot of people,” says Courtney. “People love their animals and we wanted to do our part and see what we could get.”

The initiative was a team effort quarterbacked by Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator, Mairibeth Riley, and Long Term Care Assistants, Nancy Roach and Cheryl MacIntyre. The month-long donation collection process was well supported by team members and resulted in $1000 worth of pet food being gathered for the animal charity.

“Our community was more than willing to help provide comfort and food for animals without,” says Mairibeth. “We were happy to participate and donate.”

On November 2, members of the Harbourstone community delivered the items to the SPCA in Sydney, N.S. The gifts were welcomed enthusiastically and are supporting local animals in need.

“We can’t thank the caring community at Shannex enough,” says Ryan Toomey, Development Officer, Nova Scotia SPCA. “The past few years have been difficult for many companion animals and their families, but gifts like this make it easier.”

The gift has helped hurt and homeless pets in the shelter and families in the community going through financial difficulties.

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