Great People Feature: Haley Bruhm

mai 8, 2024

Moments of Connection

In the heart of Kentville, resides Haley Bruhm, a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) whose dedication to her role radiates with every interaction she shares with residents. Through her commitment to Shannex guiding principles – compassion, honesty, respect, and safety – Haley’s journey at Shannex involves creating moments of connection with our residents.

Haley’s path to becoming a CCA was sparked by a personal experience that ignited her passion for caregiving. As a teen, Hayley started a kinship with with her neighbor – Marcie.

“First I was a friendly face, someone to chat with Marcie about her day, to becoming one of many Marcie relayed on for help with daily tasks such as grabbing the mail, preparing meals, and housework. I always looked forward to seeing Marcie every single day for 14 years. Until the day she passed, she would tell me stories about her childhood experiences and lesson learned. I loved that,” said Haley.

At Orchard Court, Haley’s role extends beyond providing physical care; she actively fosters a sense of community and belonging for residents. Whether it’s untangling yarn for a passionate knitter or sharing a laugh over ice cream, Haley’s presence brightens the lives of those she serves, leaving a lasting impact on their well-being and quality of life.

Russell, a man touched by Alzheimer’s, left a mark on those around him, including Haley. One memorable day, laughter filled the air as Russell, cane in hand, emerged from his room with an infectious smile.

“We broke into a spontaneous dance. Russell embraced the interaction wholeheartedly. It’s encounters like these that reaffirm my choice to pursue a career in healthcare, leaving academia behind for the fulfilling career path.”

Even in face of adversity, Haley’s moments often offer solace: “Late one evening, a resident was having a hard time. Some cookies and milk later, the problem was 100% solved. Meaningful discussions happen after 11:00 p.m., sitting on the side of the bed smiling and just chatting.”

As Haley reflects on the words of residents who have touched her heart, she is reminded of the impact her compassion has on their lives. Amidst the laughter and wisdom shared, one sentiment resonated deeply: “I’m so happy to be here.”

Become a Continuing Care Assistant at Shannex

Looking ahead, Haley envisions a lifelong journey of learning and personal growth within the Shannex family. “I see my future at Shannex a lifelong journey of learning about the changing tides and challenges of both dementia care and long term care.”

Haley aspires to be a great mentor to those coming into the workplace. Her next step? She’s considering continuing education to become an Licensed Practical Nurse.


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