Honey Bunny’s Fluffy Friendship

juin 27, 2019

As anyone who has ever had a pet can confirm, animals make Great Connections too. At Parkland Riverview’s Monarch Hall, a resident rabbit named Honey Bunny offers comfort and joy to residents and team members alike. Honey Bunny, who will be four years old in August, even became a bit of a local celebrity when she was featured on Global News last year. Residents and team members interviewed for the piece made it clear that the connections they make with their furry friend are very meaningful indeed.

“She brings a sense of joy, reminiscing. A lot of them will start talking about animals they’ve had in the past” – Jannick Theriault, Recreation Coordinator

“She just picks up my spirits every time I get to hold her.” – Francis Houde, Resident

Thank you to Honey Bunny and to the team at Monarch Hall for making these Great (fluffy) Connections possible.

Honey was also featured on Global, see the story here


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