Great People Feature: Shelby Wilkins

mai 30, 2024

Shelby Wilkins, Champion of Evolving Healthcare

Shelby Wilkins firmly believes in the “always learning” philosophy, a mindset that aligns perfectly with healthcare’s evolving, interdisciplinary nature.

As part of Shannex’s Great People Month this May, we are thrilled to highlight Shelby, a Restorative LPN at Cohen Hall, recently appointed as a public representative on the Council of the New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists (NBAOT).

In her new role, Shelby attends all council meetings and is a voting member on any issues that arise. The posting sought a non-OT member with OT experience and knowledge to ensure the council does not become self-serving. The Minister, Hon. Bruce Fitch, awarded this particular position on the council, which includes seven voting members.

“I’m excited to learn from Occupational Therapists (OTs) and understand the barriers that will assist me in my role,” said Shelby.

As the rehab LPN for Cohen Hall, she is responsible for all mobility needs, ensuring residents have the necessary equipment to stay safe and maintain their independence. “I work closely with OTs, bringing the knowledge of the resident’s daily needs/acute or chronic conditions affecting mobility, and report to the OT on my findings to better serve the residents as a whole and improve their quality of life,” said Shelby.

Even in her new role with the NBAOT, Shelby’s commitment to residents and seniors does not stop.

“I hope to better advocate for vulnerable populations and highlight the strains on OTs in long-term care to help alleviate those pressures.”

Shelby’s dedication to continuous learning and her ability to balance her responsibilities at Cohen Hall with her new role on the NBAOT Council highlight her exceptional organizational skills and teamwork.

“Our philosophy at Cohen Hall has always been collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach. We function as a family, supporting each other and sharing responsibilities. While Cohen Hall remains my priority, I hope my role on the NBAOT council will serve us mutually and globally.”

Congratulations, Shelby, on your remarkable achievement! Your advocacy and passion make a significant impact on our community and beyond.


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