Joan Craig Bursary Story: Alex Gibson

septembre 7, 2023
Alex stands next to Joan Craig in the Dining Hall at Parkland at the Gardens.

A Personalized Dining Experience

Four years ago, when Alex Gibson joined the waitstaff team at Parkland at the Gardens (PATG), Joan Craig made an unforgettable impression.

“I see Joan almost everyday at work because she’s in the dining room. She always put people before her. She’s always donating to causes. Just amazing,” said Alex.

Each day, Alex welcomes 150 residents into the dining hall, going above and beyond to ensure they receive a personalized meal experience. 

“Everyone has a different approach to memorize each residents’ order,” said Alex. “Some servers will write each residents’ order on paper, and some will take the time to memorize each order. It’s not just the meal orders, we aim to know the resident as a whole – including their name and dietary restrictions.” 

Alex expresses his gratitude towards Parkland for their exceptional support in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. “Even after being accepted into SMU, I made the decision to stay with Parkland because of their commitment to creating a supportive community.” 

Thanks to the generous support of the Joan Craig bursary, Alex can confidently pursue his third year of Bachelor of Commerce at Saint Mary’s University. 

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