Elder Ally Spotlight: The Alzheimer’s Society of Durham

janvier 30, 2024
The Alzheimer’s Society of Durham team with Comfort Companions

The Alzheimer’s Society of Durham envisions a world where individuals living with memory loss feel accepted and supported.  

Located in Ontario, the society runs the Comfort Companions Program, offering individuals with dementia the opportunity to adopt a robotic pet or therapy doll. These Comfort Companions are specifically designed to bring calming companionship to those living with dementia. The companions reduce their partner’s stress and agitation, and alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness., 

One care partner, whose husband Bob is dealing with mixed dementia (Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia), shares their experience: 

“My husband Bob has mixed dementia and through Comfort Companions we were able to “adopt” a kitty for him. Bob responds well to animal therapy. He named his pet, Curtis and is always excited to see him, cuddle him and tell him he loves him.! Curtis brings him much happiness and what more can we ask for as care partners than to see our loved one smile and know he is comforted by his special friend!” 

In November, the Alzheimer’s Society of Durham was one of nine groups awarded a Shannex Cares Community Spirit Grant for their dedication to developing and improving seniors’ wellness, active living, and social connections. 

“We are so grateful to Shannex Cares for supporting this important program. With your donation, we have provided 20 Comfort Companions to people living with dementia in our community. Thank you for your generous support!” – Kendel Ferrara, Director of Philanthropy, Alzheimer Society of Durham Region 

Learn more about our #ShannexCares initiative: Shannex.com/ShannexCares 

The Shannex Cares community program allows us to influence real change and make a difference in the lives of seniors. One of the ways we do this is through our Community Spirit Grants which offer funding for organizations to support projects and initiatives within our focus areas of seniors’ wellness, seniors’ active living, and seniors’ social connections.  

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