Empowering Elder Care: Shannex Welcomes Inaugural NSCC-CCA Cohort

avril 25, 2024

Twenty-four students have started the six-week CCA training program in April.

Parkstone Enhanced Care welcomed 24 aspiring caregivers into their community in April

Nova Scotia’s elder care sector is about to witness a significant boost with the launch of the first NSCC-CCA pilot program, a collaborative effort between Shannex, the Government of Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

With the growing need for skilled caregivers, this initiative marks a crucial step towards meeting the demands of our aging population.

Twenty-four students started classes in April, hosted through Shannex where classes are held at Care at Home, located within Parkstone Enhanced Care. These students will play a vital role in shaping the future of elder care in Nova Scotia.

“We’re proud to be part of this groundbreaking program that will provide support to frontline workers who want to grow and enhance their skills while filling an important need within the long-term care sector.”

The program, designed to address the shortage of Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs), offers a comprehensive package to its participants. From free tuition and textbooks to an allowance and two years of guaranteed employment post-graduation, it not only incentivizes individuals to pursue a career in elder care but also ensures their smooth transition into the workforce.

What sets this program apart is its innovative approach to learning. Participants will have the unique opportunity to be employed by Shannex from day one while simultaneously enrolled as NSCC students. This hybrid model integrates classroom instruction with hands-on training in Shannex communities, providing students with a holistic understanding of the complexities of elder care.

Despite the condensed timeframe of the six-month skills development program, participants will receive the same high-quality education and training as the traditional CCA program. By achieving identical learning outcomes in a shorter duration, this program not only maximizes efficiency but also ensures a steady influx of skilled caregivers into the workforce.

We extend our warmest welcome to the inaugural cohort of the NSCC-CCA pilot program. Your dedication and passion for elder care will undoubtedly make a profound impact on the lives of those you serve.

Interested in becoming a Continuing Care Assistant or Personal Support Worker at Shannex? Apply at Shannex.com/cca-psw-careers or sign up to receive information/updates/contests or announcements on Shannex.com/careers.  


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