Making the world a better place, one connection at a time

juillet 10, 2019

There is an endless number of ways to make Great Connections and bring a little sunshine into the world. A smile, a chat, a treat, a helping hand, a thoughtful gesture – there are people who always seem to have the time and compassion to think about others and make their lives better. This is the story of one of those people, Orchard Court resident Robert Patterson, as told by Regional Manager Vanessa Quigley.

Robert “Bob” Patterson has been a resident at Orchard Court, in Kentville, since 2016. Bob warmly reminisces about his childhood with a family of eleven. After describing how his mom fried bread dough for breakfast, he added that he could not think of anything he would have changed about his childhood in Dartmouth.

Bob openly expresses a desire to be kind to everyone he sees throughout his day. He acknowledges that everyone has a story to tell and, as all of us are humans, we sometimes make mistakes. Things happen in our lives that affect us deeply. Knowing this, Bob does what he can to make someone’s day better, whether by handing out treats or simply having a quick chat and offering a warm smile.

Bob can regularly be seen selling tickets for various fundraisers. He truly cares about the residents and team at Orchard Court and uses the funds to treat the team with a pizza party or to buy something for his fellow residents. When Bob noticed that residents were having trouble hearing bingo numbers, he raised money to buy a monitor so residents could also see the numbers. He is currently working on raising money to put a TV in a common area so residents can have movie nights on the weekends…with popcorn!

Bob will tell you this work keeps him very busy and very happy.


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