Recreation Programmer Feature | Crystal MacNeil 

mai 8, 2024
 Crystal MacNeil with Parkland West Bedford resident, James MacIsaac (“Kie”)

Parkland West Bedford

In the heart of Therapeutic Recreation Month, we’re eager to highlight a remarkable individual within our team at Parkland West Bedford – Crystal MacNeil, a devoted Recreation Coordinator.

In her role, Crystal plays a crucial part in the Harmony Wellness program through personalized activities that have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the residents she spends time with.

Crystal wears multiple hats, coordinating monthly calendars for residents in Lifestyle Apartments at Pemberley, and those in Memory Care at Stratford. Her passion and dedication shine through as she facilitates resident-led events and gatherings for Pemberley residents, fostering active participation in the programs she leads. 

“It’s rewarding to me to have the privilege to coordinate and lead programs with Memory Care residents,” she shares, emphasizing the fulfillment she finds in her role. 

Crystal dedicates her time with Pemberley residents to facilitate resident-led events and gatherings, encouraging active participation in the programs she leads. She firmly believes in the importance of empowering residents through community involvement and strives to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere. 

Programs and Activities 

For residents at the Stratford Memory Care facility, Crystal leads three to four programs daily, including physical activity classes. She emphasizes the significance of offering a variety of programs that align with the six dimensions of wellness – social, intellectual, physical, vocational, spiritual, and emotional – contributing to a holistic and balanced lifestyle for Memory Care residents.  

Crystal coordinates and leads programs specifically designed for Memory Care residents that aid in memory development and inhibit mental decline.  

Here are some of the scheduled programs Crystal has coordinated for residents: 

Social – Sit dancing, Pictionary 

Intellectual – Puzzles, Bingo,  

Physical – Jumbo Bowling, Ladder Ball, Bean Bag Toss, Walks 

Vocational – Afternoon art, coloring 

Spiritual – Music sessions and spiritual services, guest guitarist  

Emotional – Sing-along, 1-1 chat sessions 

“Offering programs that follow the six dimensions of wellness contributes to a healthy, balanced lifestyle for residents,” said Crystal. 

As we honor Therapeutic Recreation Month, we extend our appreciation to Crystal for her dedication, creativity, and commitment to bringing meaning to the lives of our residents. Her efforts truly exemplify the positive impact of recreation therapy on the well-being of the individuals we care for at Parkland West Bedford.

Thank you, Crystal, for allowing our Stratford residents to live their best lives. 

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