What is a Client Services Assistant (CSA)? 

A Client Services Assistant (CSA) supports residents with personalized care and services at our retirement living communities. They help seniors with activities of daily living like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, assisting with meals, and aiding with skin care. In addition, CSAs provide residents with housekeeping services like doing their laundry and sorting clothes into their dressers/closets. 

Further, the role of a Client Services Assistant means providing care that is tailored to the needs of seniors living at Parkland Retirement Living. For instance, the level of care differs between each person, which is why CSAs follow care plans designed for the resident specifically.

While working with Shannex in a Healthcare and Clinical career, our Great People develop their skills when supporting seniors and their wellbeing. A career in our communities means making special bonds with residents. Everyday compassionate and professional individuals help seniors live their best life at Parkland.

Roles and Responsibilities

Provide Services to Residents using their Care Plan  

Meeting the needs of seniors living in our retirement communities is the main priority of Client Services Assistants. They support residents with personal hygiene and daily living activities like bathing, dressing, skincare, meals and mobilizing. Additionally, they administer residents their routine medications with approved training. 

CSAs help to develop social, spiritual, and intellectual activities for residents to support their wellbeing and socialization with others. They provide seniors with activities tailored to their interests and needs. Their role includes house cleaning like furniture, counters, windows, floors, and bathrooms. They also support residents with their laundry and help put away clothing into their dressers/closets.

Promote Safety for Team Members and Residents  

When working with us, a Client Services Assistant focus is to promote safety within our communities and residents’ homes. They make sure their usage of supplies and equipment is completed in a safe manner. Their actions are done in a responsible way as they prioritize the health and safety of others.    

Update Documents and Communicate Changes  

The role of a CSA includes filling out important documents and regularly communicating changes. For example, they are responsible for using their planning and organizational skills to ensure documents such as Medication Administration Records and Daily Care Flow Sheets are filled out in a timely manner.

While doing this, Client Services Assistants also regularly participate and receive daily reports as they prioritize their working plan when providing care to residents. A CSA will also take the initiative to communicate areas that need repairs or work to their manager.

Collaborate and use Teamwork  

CSAs work as part of a compassionate care team that work to support seniors living in our retirement communities. Similarly, they support one another through sharing their knowledge and experience.

They act as role models through using our guiding principles of being compassionate, honest, professional, and safe. A CSA actively participates in meetings and completes annual training programs to further develop their education.

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Guiding Principles

Our Great People help others by using the guiding principles of being compassionate, honest, professional, and safe.  


Our team members are compassionate by demonstrating empathy and consideration for all. They listen to other people’s perspectives when stories are shared. They work towards finding solutions and doing their work thoroughly.


Team members are honest when building relationships and creating trust. In healthcare and clinical fields, trust is an important characteristic our care professionals express. They know the importance of confidentiality when talking with others and take responsibility.  


Being professional means that our teams act with respect when communicating and providing care. They are timely and continue to embrace diversity and inclusion in their communities. They also attend learning and development opportunities offered. 


Our Great People act safe when promoting a safety culture for all. They lead knowing the importance of identifying and reporting potential hazards to help our communities and residents feel safe.

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Resident-Directed Approach to Care

Our care teams lead their work knowing residents are choosing what their care looks like. They are at the center of how they want to receive their care. At Shannex, residents are first when tailoring personal care and activities of daily living. Whether it is supporting residents with their skin care or housekeeping needs, our teams help residents enjoy the best of life. 

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Client Services Attendants and Retirement Living

CSAs provide personalized care to others to support the needs of their communities. When working with seniors in our retirement living locations, CSAs build authentic relationships with residents and learn about their interests and life stories. They provide compassionate care to others and help them live independently in their homes.

The Important Role of a Client Services Assistant 

The role of Client Services Assistant is crucial to our residents and communities. The support they provide seniors living in their homes means they can do more of the things they love like spending quality time with friends or enjoying the amenities of their building. Their care promotes being compassionate, honest, professional, and safe as they give residents peace of mind knowing they are receiving exceptional service and care.

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