What is a Personal Attendant (PA)? 

A Personal Attendant (PA) helps residents that need additional support living in their home. Within our Parkland Retirement Living communities, PAs work apart of the home care division team to provide personalized services to seniors. They help residents with activities like:

  • personal care
  • meal preparation
  • cleaning
  • companionship for appointments like doctor’s visits.

They also provide light support to residents living independently in our retirement living communities. PAs work within their own dedicated group with our home care division. Their work focuses on personalized care for each resident, helping them live their best life.

At Shannex, Healthcare and Clinical careers support our various communities. Our care professionals provide meaningful work and service excellence through being compassionate and safe. The support our Great People provide helps residents enjoy more of what they love.

Roles and Responsibilities

Assisting Residents with Personal Care 

PAs support residents through the creation of individualized plans of services. Each plan is tailored to the types of assistance residents need. For instance, they provide types of care ranging from emotional support, household assistance, and companionship. The responsibility of a Personal Attendant means helping seniors living in our retirement communities get dressed and supporting them when eating meals.  

Completing Household Tasks for Residents 

A Personal Attendant provides Parkland residents assistance with household tasks like:

  • housekeeping and meal preparation
  • cleaning, such as vacuuming and dusting
  • preparing meals helps make it easier for residents to enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and suppers.

Their support allows residents to feel less occupied with tasks that often take up a significant amount of time and physical work so seniors can enjoy the fun moments of life without having to worry about what to make for supper or when to clean their apartment.

Offering Companionship to Residents   

PAs offer residents companionship for activities like medical appointments, shopping, errands, and socializing. They enjoy walking and playing games, cards, and puzzles with residents. Their role gives seniors a friendly face that will spend quality time with them.

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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles include four main actions: being compassionate, honest, professional, and safe


Every day, our Great People are compassionate by demonstrating empathy and consideration for all. They complete their tasks thoroughly and work towards finding solutions.

Sitting down for coffee


Being honest is what our team members do when communicating with others. They know the importance of having trust and confidentiality when building relationships.


Our teams are professional when doing their meaningful work. They act respectfully through being timely and considerate. They also embrace diversity and inclusion in their communities.


Promoting a safe culture for residents and communities is something our Great People do. They lead by identifying and reporting hazards to promote the safety of others.

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Resident-Directed Approach to Care

Our care teams lead their work knowing residents are choosing the care they want to receive. At Shannex, we put residents first as we make sure they can tailor the care they receive. Whether it’s assistance with housecleaning or a companion at their home, they have a variety of options to use.

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Personal Attendants and Retirement Living

Working for our home care division within Parkland means Personal Attendants are providing residents personalized care as part of an additional service they choose. This allows residents to pick what services best fit their needs when living in our communities. It provides seniors with a solution that can help residents at Parkland get the care and services they need.

In addition, their support helps families know their loved ones are being cared for by Great People that value the health and wellbeing of others. Whether it is help with cleaning or companionship in their home, PAs provide seniors with some extra care. Want to learn more about PAs?

The Important Role of a Personal Attendant 

Personal Attendants are important to residents as they offer additional support around their home. Their role helps residents maintain their independence while enjoying the company and care of a compassionate individual. Their help gives residents the opportunity and time to relax more and do what they love.

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