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mai 19, 2022
Dalhousie University second-year nursing student Jessica Ambrose, third on the left, stands for a picture with her fellow classmates during a placement at Parkstone.


When you hear most nurses talk about how they got into their profession, they will tell you it is a calling. Dalhousie University second-year nursing student, Jessica Ambrose, feels the same way.

“Growing up, I always wanted to take care of people,” she says. “From the time I was little, I was always babysitting in the neighbourhood and taking care of the little girls in the family. It just felt right for me to be a caregiver.”

In her senior year of high school, Jessica knew without a doubt that a career in nursing was the right path for her. Through her studies at Dalhousie, she has gained hands-on experience interacting with patients through practicums. Most recently, she completed four weeks at Parkstone Enhanced Care. The work term was a placement program through the Nova Scotia government to engage nursing students and provide support to long term care communities across the province. Shannex communities welcomed 139 students and 21 instructors across six locations over a two-to-four-week period.

“After this placement I have a different perspective,” says Jessica. “Working in long term care is special and unique because you get to know the residents on such a personal level – it was a really positive experience.”

During her time at Parkstone, Jessica saw first-hand how nurses use their full scope of practice while supporting the seniors entrusted to their care.

“The residents all have such different personalities, and they have diverse healthcare needs,” she says.
“When I went into the placement, I assumed their medical needs would be similar, but I quickly saw that every resident required something different.”

When asked about what she loves most about the profession, she’s quick to point out that there’s nothing like providing quality care.

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