Shannex Excellence Awards 2023

août 1, 2023

Every day at Shannex, Great People go above and beyond to create exceptional resident experiences and a positive, fulfilling work environment where team members are seen, heard and celebrated.

Our pursuit of excellence continues to be inspired by our values and team members who are compassionate, honest, professional and safe in all they do.

Our words, actions and contributions have a meaningful and lasting impact on one another, and on those we serve and for this reason we gather every year to recognize those who have played an integral role in shaping our communities.

The 2023 Excellence Awards recipients are a shining example of why Shannex and its Great People are Leading the Way to Better Living.

Here are this year’s Excellence Awards recipients:

Volunteer Excellence Award

The Volunteer Excellence award provides an opportunity for team members to recognize the incredible volunteers that donate their time, energy and creativity to residents at Shannex.

Janet Harrigan

Volunteer, Parkland in the Valley
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Elaine Gray and Grace the Doxie

with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, a volunteer at Monarch Hall

Sales Excellence Award

Presented to individuals who demonstrated the highest sales achievement in their region.

Victoria Roberts

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Christine McGee

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland in the Valley
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Grace Miksa

Lifestyle Consultant, Parkland on the Glen
Mississauga, Ontario

Environmental Sustainability Excellence Award

Awarded to an individual, or group of individuals, who demonstrate initiative in performance and process improvement that enhances Shannex’s overall environmental sustainability. This year the award went to both an individual and a group.

Jinky Meneses

Housekeeping, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

ISO Certification Team

Vince Neville, Harbourstone Enhanced Care

Scott Wade, Faubourg du Mascaret

Steven Doyle, Parkland in the Valley

Peter Henderson, Arborstone Enhanced Care

Eddie Balnaves, Parkland on the Eglinton West

Care Innovation Excellence Award

Recognizes an individual or project team that demonstrates a creative approach to improving a care practice. One that not only has the ability and potential to improve the quality of life and care of residents of their site but could be replicated and in-turn improve the quality of care across our organization.

Crystal Mackay

LPN, Care Coordinator, Colchester Region
Colchester, Nova Scotia

Christopher Reinhardt Safety Excellence Award

Awarded to a team member who demonstrates excellence in Health and Safety, the annual Shannex Safety Award is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Reinhardt in recognition of his passion and dedication to safety in the workplace.

Rose Lynn Demeter

LPN, Arborstone Enhanced Care
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Service Excellence Award

Awarded to individuals that live our values, guiding principles, and demonstrate service excellence every day. This was a huge category and had over 70 nominations – we have a variety of team members across all our divisions in all provinces who won this award.

Elizabeth (Betty) Farrell

Long Term Care Assistant, Cedarstone Enhanced Care
Truro, Nova Scotia

Pam Irvine

Workforce Manager, Nova Scotia Enhanced Care
Nova Scotia

Bruce Lutes

Recruitment Specialist, New Brunswick Regional Office
Moncton, New Brunswick

Cassidy Hulbert

Wellness Coach, Parkland at the Gardens
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Barb Livingstone

Client Service Attendant, Parkland Clayton Park
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Michelle Nason

Client Service Coordinator, Parkland Saint John
Saint John, New Brunswick

Leoval Ba-al

Sous Chef, Parkland Riverview
Riverview New Brunswick

Reefat Talukder

Health and Wellness Manager, Parkland on Eglinton West
Etobicoke, Ontario

Stephanie MacDonald

RN, Team Lead, Parkland Antigonish
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

President’s Leadership Excellence Award

Given to an individual who demonstrates excellence in leadership and exhibits all our core values and Guiding Principles.

Kyle Richardson

RN, Director of First Nations Services and
Regional Manager, Sydney Enhanced Care
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Founder’s Seal of Excellence

Presented to a campus that demonstrates high performance in Resident Satisfaction, Health and Wellness, Financial Stability, Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction.

Celtic Court

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Congratulations to this year’s Excellence Awards winners. Your commitment to making our communities a great place to live, work and visit is remarkable.

Want to become one of our Great People? Learn more about rewarding careers at Shannex.


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