At Shannex, we value residents as individuals and respect their personal life choices so they can life their best life. When someone moves in, it’s important for us to understand and document their care preferences. There are times that these choices place us in a situation that calls for thoughtful consideration about the way we provide care, or how we feel we should provide care. In cases where conflicting opinions exist, Shannex uses an ethical framework to work through these situations as they arise.

The Six-Step Process

We encourage everyone to use this framework if you find yourself facing a difficult decision or issue. Whether you are a resident, family member, team member or volunteer, everyone can benefit from using this process.

Get the story straight
Review the code of ethics & values (Great People, Trusted Partnerships, Improving Quality and Being Accountable)
Apply principles to identify all possible solutions
Identify the best possible solutions
Action/inaction or intervention
Evaluate the process and outcome

For more information about the six-step process, please refer to our:

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Your wellness matters to us. If you’re working through issues impacting your work, health or life, the EFAP offers you a range of professional counselling and specialized services.

Safety, Health and Wellness  

Shannex is committed to creating communities that value physical and mental health, and taking a holistic approach to personal and workplace wellness.

Recognition and Rewards for Great People

Recognition is an important part of sharing success. At Shannex, we celebrate the impact of Great People and exceptional service in our communities in many ways.