An ode for a nurse

août 19, 2019

Nursing homes are communities in every sense of the word. With so many people from different walks of life living and working together, Great Connections are bound to happen. Everyone brings their own unique way of connecting and making these communities wonderful places to be. This story is about a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) who, in addition to providing residents with excellent care, wrote a lovely poem to honour the hard work and compassion that are part of every caregiver’s job.  

Sean Hammond has been working as a CCA at Arborstone Enhanced Care in Halifax for many years. Although he may look more like a football player than a poet, he writes lovely poems that capture the gratitude residents and coworkers feel for the excellent, compassionate care nurses provide every day. The poem below, written for a retiring nurse, is framed and hung on the wall for all to enjoy. Thank you, Sean, for your hard work and your kind words.

An ode for a nurse  

We'll all miss you
This is no lie
Treasure memories
From years gone by

You're a good nurse
And a fine friend
We won't work with
One like you again

You cared for the young
You cared for the old
From years of service
A story can be told

From the love you gave
And sacrifices made
For those in need
Whose memories fade

Your friendly smile
And your gentle spirit
Comforting words
Who need to hear it

You comforted 
And formed a bond
With those who passed
Who you grew fond

For those you've seen cry
You held their hand
And seen the pain
Not many understand

You took the time
No matter the cost
For those mourning
The loved one lost

So after we part
Come visit, feel free
We eagerly await
Your company

And never forget 
You're one of the few
Who perform great tasks 
Not many can do.

- Sean Hammond, CCA, Arborstone Enhanced Care

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