Nurses Week Celebrations at Caritas

mai 14, 2024
LPN’s of Caritas Residence

At Caritas, Nurses Week was marked by a meaningful lunch hosted for the LPNs in the community’s dining room. Despite their busy schedules, LPNs gathered to enjoy the occasion.

Residents, the Sisters of Charity, were also present in the dining room and joined in with applause, acknowledging the nurses’ contributions.

“It was a lovely afternoon of lunch, cake, and the residents in the dining room all gave the nurses a round of applause for their hard work,” said Chloe Henderson, General Manager of Caritas.

With cake served and conversations shared, Nurses Week at Caritas provided a moment to recognize the essential role LPNs play in the community’s everyday life.

One notable attendee was Sister/Dr. Nuala Kenny, a former physician turned resident, who took a moment to express her gratitude to the nursing team for their hard work and dedication.


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Sister/Dr. Nuala Kenny thanks the Caritas nurses


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