Bethany Centennial Garden Opening

September 21, 2021
Bethany Centennial Garden Opening
Sister Rosalie Lavallée, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha, sits on bench in front of the former Motherhouse Chapel altar.

Bethany Centennial Garden Opening

September 21, 2021, marked the 100th anniversary of the Sisters of St. Martha Congregation moving from their original Motherhouse on the Campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS, to the Bethany Property in 1921. To acknowledge the milestone, the Sisters of St. Martha officially opened the Bethany Centennial Garden on the grounds of the deconstructed Motherhouse building.

Members of the Shannex and Parkland family were on hand for the event including the Sisters of St. Martha from Parkland Antigonish, Shannex President and Chief Operating Officer, Jason Shannon; Shannex Founder, Joseph Shannon and Regional Director of Retirement Living in Nova Scotia, Ian Mader.

“We believe that in sharing this garden, we are able to offer you, the community, town, county, and surrounding area who supported us over the years, a place to rest, to walk, enjoy and to learn,” says Sr. Brendalee Boisvert, Sisters of St. Martha Congregation Leader. The garden includes a heritage walk that highlights significant moments in the Congregation’s history, places for sitting, accessible walking paths, spaces for meditation and contemplation. Benches have also been added to the garden to honour the 100th anniversary, one of which was donated by Shannex.

When visiting the garden, the public is asked to pay attention to signage as they make their way through the property.


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