A Classic Christmas: Festival of Trees

March 1, 2022
A Classic Christmas- Festival of Trees
Parkland at the Gardens residents working alongside team members to create 60s inspired homemade decorations for their tree, “A Classic Christmas”.

A Classic Christmas: Festival of Trees

In November, Parkland at the Gardens residents and in-house designer Karen Dixon came together to create a tree for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia’s event, the Forest of Trees. Inspired by the song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, Karen wanted to create a design with the residents that stirred a sentimental feeling in a new, old-fashioned way. “When I met with the residents, we looked at what Christmas trees looked like in the 1960s when the song came out,” said Karen.

Susan is one of the residents who helped decorate the tree. “It’s always fun with all the ladies,” she said with a smile. “More hands make it easier – I love doing stuff like this!”

For Parkland resident Joan, the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia is a cause she holds close to her heart. “I’m very happy to participate in this fundraiser. I think it’s an absolutely wonderful idea,” said Joan.

On November 27, the tree named “A Classic Christmas” was auctioned off and purchased for $1,600 with all proceeds going towards mental health services and supports in the province.

A collection of memories and traditions as told by residents who came together to decorate the tree can be read at experienceparkland.com/memorytree.


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