Both sides of the connection coin

July 8, 2019

A truly meaningful connection is, almost by definition, reciprocal. Often, we  only hear one side of the story, but there are always at least two. Today’s Great Connection provides a unique opportunity to see both sides of the connection coin. Below, resident Laurencia Kavanaugh and Parkland in the Valley Recreation Coordinator Taylor Noftell share their heartfelt gratitude for each other’s presence and dedication to community.

I would like to share my story regarding the excellent care that is given here at Parkland in the Valley. A few months back I was very ill. I was bedridden for eleven days and unable to leave my apartment. I would like to specifically highlight the team members who went above and beyond for me during this vulnerable time. When Shelly, who is in housekeeping, came in to clean my apartment, I told her not to bother and that she should try to stay away from me so she would not catch the dreadful flu I had. Shelly went quickly to find a caregiver who could assess me. She brought Holly, who knew I was very sick and needed to be monitored. I was so swollen that I was unable to even open a can of soup for myself. The team made sure I got all the nutrients I needed and constantly went out of their way to check on me. The care I received was phenomenal; they all worked as a team to ensure I received top-notch service despite being stuck in my room.

Laurencia Kavanaugh, Parkland in the Valley resident

Laurencia may have a story to share regarding her experience at Parkland in the Valley, but we have one too. Laurencia is an amazing lady who is humble and goes out of her way to make small gestures for everyone here at Parkland in the Valley. Laurencia is an excellent baker who frequently spreads her love through her cooking. Recently she baked up a storm in support of residents at Embassy Hall. She personally donated baked goods to our Bazaar sale in June. She made molasses cookies, whoopee pies, rolls and lemon loaves and even came over to help sell the items. When we tried to give back to her, she told us appreciation
was enough for her and that she enjoys doing these acts of kindness and without expecting anything back. Laurencia also made May baskets for residents and
delivered them door-to-door for the month of May. This put a smile on everyone’s face and taught us a lot about the importance of our community. Laurencia breaks down barriers between independent, assisted living and nursing home. She shows everyone how important each department is and highlights all team
members. It’s difficult even to try to put into words the love she shows to everyone each and every day.

Taylor Noftell, Parkland in the Valley Recreation Coordinator


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