Great Connections: A Visit from Nipper

June 25, 2019

Sometimes coincidence can lead to the most amazing connections. One of our team members, Recreation Coordinator Amanda Banks, recently made a mission out of creating a Great Connection for Carol, a resident whose dog had moved to a new forever home when she moved into Frederick Hall in Fredericton. This is a heart-warming example of how a little extra thought and effort goes a very long way. 
Here is the story.
Amanda Banks, Recreation Coordinator at Frederick Hall in Fredericton, had no way to know that wearing her Caught You Being Great jacket to her dog’s obedience lesson would have such far-reaching consequences. A woman approached her to ask if Amanda worked at Shannex, then proceeded to explain that she had just adopted a dog from a woman who went to live at a Shannex residence. Amanda quickly deduced that the woman in question was Carol Buckley, a resident of Frederick Hall, and asked the woman for her number so she could get back to her. The woman must have thought that this was all very mysterious! 
Amanda’s next step was to talk to Carol to confirm that the dog she had just met was in fact Carol’s beloved pet. When asked if she had a dog before moving to Frederick Hall, Carol tearfully replied that she did and his name is Nipper. Amanda told Carol that she had found Nipper and that he would love to come for a visit. Amanda made all the arrangements and, when the big day came, Carol and Nipper had a truly touching reunion.
Thank you, Amanda, for making Great Connections that mean so much to residents and their four-footed friends!


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