How Caregivers Make a House a Home

June 24, 2019

Jean Perry’s story truly represents the bonds that develop between caregivers and residents in long term care (LTC). Transitioning into life in a LTC site can be stressful and confusing for residents and families, but the actions of front-line caregivers turn an unfamiliar space into a warm place to call home.

Jean is a Continuing Care Assistant at Parkstone Enhanced Care, Naomi Black’s home. This year, Naomi felt so strongly about the positive impact Jean was having on the lives of residents, that she submitted a nomination for Jean to receive a Shannex Service Excellence Award. Jean is the first ever winner nominated by a resident!

Naomi highlighted the pride Jean takes in her work, from dancing with residents and listening to their life stories to her uncanny ability to take control of any shift she works. In fact, Jean understands the residents so well that she is able to adapt to changes in care thanks to the meaningful relationships she develops with each resident.

Jean and Naomi are a great example of the close relationships that develop when a house becomes a home.


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