Culinary Centre marks 12 months of safety 

October 24, 2023
Culinary Centre team members celebrate their achievement.

The team of Great People at the Shannex Culinary Centre are celebrating 12 consecutive months of perfect Safety Profile Scores (SPS).  

“As a team, we came together over the last year to ensure we were all working safely and were proactive with minimizing any potential safety risks. Achieving this accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the entire team’s involvement,” said Katelyn Whittaker, the Culinary Centre Manager and Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) chair. 

The Culinary Centre prepares and distributes food for nursing home communities throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The kitchen team prepares around 5,000 meals every day and bake 664,950 cookies every year. 

The Safety Profile Score is a benchmark for excellence, driving us to continuously improve and maintain our exceptional safety standards and represents our commitment to creating a safe environment for both our staff and residents. 

To achieve a perfect score: 

  • 80% of staff need to complete their mandatory safety training.  
  • Safety inspections need to occur, identifying seven hazards and seven actions and/or opportunities for improving safety.  
  • The Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC) needs to have a minimum number of members, complete their own inspections, make a recommendation, and share a safety message.  
  • A minimum of two team members each month need to be nominated for Caught You Being Safe recognition.  
  • Safety communication needs to be posted and visible for the staff as per their right to know under occupational health legislation.  
  • There should be zero or very few team members off on WCB claims, indicating less severe incidents and a best practice for Return to Work.

As an organization, we are thankful to the Culinary Centre team members for their commitment to working safely and for being an inspiration to other divisions within Shannex.

Read more about our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.


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