Filipino Heritage Month Profile: Maria Agcon

June 28, 2024

Maria Agcon 
Site Manager – Cedarstone Enhanced Care, NS  

For the past 15 years, Maria Agcon has been a key figure within Shannex and the growing Filipino community. Her professional journey includes multiple positions, showcasing her growth and versatility. Maria states, “Before coming to Canada, I was very reserved and lacked self-confidence. My community and Shannex are to thank for my incredible growth!”

Seeing the Filipino culture and community flourish in Nova Scotia over the years fills her with pride. She comments, “As time has gone by, the Filipino community has become more open, expressive, and we look to contribute to better the province.”

For Maria, being mindful of the role her culture plays in her work has always been paramount. “Resilience and being able to adapt to any situation make me proud of who we are as a community,” said Maria.

With firsthand experience of moving to Canada 15 years ago and building a family, community, and notable professional career, Maria understands the hardships of starting from scratch. She advocates for new settlers, advising, “New settlers should not be afraid to put themselves out there. Any failure is an opportunity for growth!”

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