‘Sit when you want, with who you want, and dine how you want’

August 13, 2023

Recently, Saltwire’s Rachael Dyal was invited to experience the flavours of Parkland at one of our restaurant-style dining rooms in Parkland Ajax, in Ont. She shares her experience:

As someone who visited Parkland in downtown, Halifax, I was elated when I was invited to enjoy a meal. I had seen the dining rooms during my previous tour and my mouth was salivating. To be able to dine was an opportunity I was not going to pass up.  

I decided to bring my grandma and mom because they fit the demographic of people who benefit from all that’s offered in a retirement community like Parkland. Plus, it was genuinely nice to have some company.  

As I surveyed the dining area upon being seated, I took note of a few things: staff taking residents’ orders, residents being checked on continuously, and the chef making his way around each table to see how residents enjoyed their meal.  

But I think what captured my attention the most was the beaming smiles from residents enjoying their time.  

It was apparent that Parkland makes resident’s dining experience welcoming and comfortable.

Read about Rachael’s dining experience on Saltwire

Parkland’s philosophy revolves around three fundamental principles: Your Life. Your Choice. Your Home. Dining at Parkland is always a social occasion. Whether sharing a table with neighbours, friends or visiting family, residents enjoy a restaurant-style dining environment that consistently delivers on taste, service and atmosphere.


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