Black History Month Profile: Jovana Bailey

February 21, 2024

Why is Black History Month/African Heritage Month meaningful for you?

Jovana Bailey 
General Manager, Parkland on Eglington West 

Black History Month is meaningful to me because it’s a reminder of where I come from and helps me navigate my future in this world. 

Though I am of Caribbean descent, I am of African Heritage, which instills in me a sense of belonging and pride! 

The history of Black and African people is certainly complex, and the world has learned so much from the dark spots of the past.  

What I am most proud of is the history of African civilizations that were Kings, Queens, mathematicians, and astrologers, to a more present-day history of inventors, astronomers, scientists, artists, authors, musicians, you name it! Black and African people have contributed so many amazing things to our historical and modern-day societies, and this inspires me to leave my mark on the world as well – touching lives and leaving a legacy for my children and those who come after me.  

It is so important to be proud of who you are and where you come from because it helps you identify a true sense of self and helps to shape who you are.  

Happy Black History Month! 

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