Celebration of Wreaths: A Festive Fundraiser 

December 4, 2023


Elder Ally, Maureen Banyard and Parkland at the Gardens raise community spirit and $25,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia  

Now in its second year, the Celebration of Wreaths, led by Parkland at the Gardens resident, Maureen Banyard, has become a heartwarming symbol of community engagement and support for seniors.

The event, which took place in December, brought together residents and community members in the spirit of giving and raised over $25,000. Guests had the opportunity to contribute by either donating a wreath or making direct contributions to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia

“All funds raised go to support mental health. We in turn will take that funding to support community grants, many of which will support seniors in our communities,” said Starr Cunningham, CEO of the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. 

“When we can help one person to improve their feelings and their health, I feel that we’ve supported them,” Maureen added 

The event, supported through Shannex Cares, strengthens the relationship between seniors and their community, symbolizing how simple acts, when driven by a sense of community, can create lasting positive change. Elder Allies, like Maureen, make a difference by supporting and developing visible, meaningful opportunities for elders to be seen, heard, and valued. 

“It’s so critically important to connect with seniors over the holidays. When you look at an event like this, that’s exactly what it is. It’s connecting seniors to their community,” said Starr. 

Learn more about Shannex Cares at Shannex.com/ShannexCares 

Maureen Banyard stands with Jason Shannon

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