Thinking Green

May 19, 2022


When you hear Anna Volc talking about recycling and how everyone can do their part to help the planet, her eyes light up. Shannex’s Sustainability Manager’s enthusiasm started when she was three years old, when she would watch garbagemen in action.

“My dad would take me to the end of our little sidewalk and I loved watching the garbage men jumping on and off the back of the trucks,” she says with a smile. “That’s where it all began.”

Little did she know, this would plant a seed and she would find herself working in sustainability management. Anna earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and completed an internship that saw her working with electric boats which piqued her interest. Wanting to push her knowledge in environmental studies further, she pursued a Master’s in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in Germany.

Now, in her role with Shannex, Anna is tasked with educating and implementing initiatives and programs in the areas of waste, water, consumables and energy to inspire our Great People to do their part. She says making green choices can start little by little and benefits everyone in the long run.
“Exploring different shopping habits such as plastic-free packaging or buying from local independent retailers is a simple way to start,” says Anna. “Reducing waste and supporting the local economy is a great first step.”

Everyone who lives and works with us has a role to play to protect the environment and Anna wants to hear your thoughts. We encourage you to share your suggestions about how we can make improvements at or by emailing her directly at


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