A Future of Innovation

March 16, 2023


Our Property and Support Services team is made up of a group of dedicated Great People focused on maintaining and enhancing both our physical and environmental footprint. In December, members of our maintenance teams from all our communities came together to discuss the importance of our ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification including building sustainability moving forward, contractor management and emergency preparedness. “It was great to have all three provinces together,” said Vince
Neville, Regional Maintenance Manager in Cape Breton. “It was a nice opportunity to meet new faces and get informed on what is coming down the pipeline for other buildings,” he added. Gurmeet Singh, Facilities Manager at Parkland on the Glen came from Mississauga, Ontario to attend the event. “It
was fantastic to come to Nova Scotia and finally meet the whole maintenance team!” The two-day event was filled with meaningful discussion, collaboration and new ideas that everyone is looking forward to bringing back to their respective communities.

Maintenance team members at Home Office taking part in the forum.

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