Caught You Being Great: Andrew Singh

August 17, 2022

After being nominated for a Caught You Being Great Award, Andrew Singh, team member at Parkland on the Glen, was applauded for his dedication to service excellence and compassionate care.

Coreen is a resident at the lifestyle residence community in Mississauga and frequently likes to call her two sons who both live in the United States. Andrew noticed that Coreen was having trouble seeing the numbers on her current phone and decided to do something to help. After doing some research, Andrew purchased a phone that could have photos associated with each number on the dial. He connected with Coreen’s family and asked them to send photos, which he then shrunk to size, cut out and added them to the phone so she could simply touch the button of the person she wanted to contact. After he convinced Coreen to make the switch to her new phone, Andrew rearranged her furniture to ensure a safe and efficient location for the phone. 

Well done, Andrew. Thank you for your thoughtful act of compassion. 

Andrew poses with Coreen in her suite at Parkland on the Glen following his act of kindness.

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