Caught You Being Great: Julia Shvartzman

May 19, 2022
Julia Shvartzman, playing the piano for residents and team members.


Julia says that she can’t quite remember when she started playing the piano, but she has played for most of her life. As a Client Medication Assistant at Parkland Clayton Park, Julia has worked in the community for seven years and during that time has developed relationships with Aberdeen and Bradford Hall residents.

While her role is important, she is perhaps best-known for lifting spirits by playing beautiful music. In fact, everyone at Parkland Clayton Park feels incredibly lucky that she is willing to share her musical talents. At least once a shift, Julia tries to sit at the piano and play for the residents, whether it’s a small group of them socially distanced or for residents in their suites, who will often prop open their suite door so they can hear the music as it carries down the hallway.

It’s not just residents that enjoy Julia’s musical talent and kind heart. Many team members request her to play and look forward to it when she does, often flocking to the room she is playing in. Early in the pandemic, she would even play for team members to entertain them while getting their temperatures checked.

Julia builds relationships with the residents and team members through her music and her talent amazes everyone who has the pleasure of being in the audience.

Thank you, Julia, for sharing your beautiful music with everyone at Parkland Clayton Park and going above and beyond to help lift the spirits of those around you.


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