Centre for Excellence Goes Back to School

March 1, 2022
Team members take part in an in-person learning session at the Centre for Excellence.

On November 1, 2021, the Centre for Excellence reopened to in-person classes.

Throughout the pandemic, the Learning and Development team worked diligently to adapt and ensure there were minimal educational disruptions by transitioning to virtual and self-directed learning. Between April 2020 and October 2021, 63 virtual/ online sessions were offered to 492 participants.

The pandemic offered an opportunity to refresh and revamp the course content to determine the best delivery method. This time of reflection has allowed for courses to be delivered in three ways: self-directed online learning, face to face or a blended model.

Over the long term, we are looking at restructuring existing programs with new formats for leadership courses that will eventually include resources being more readily available online. In-person classes will focus on application, scenarios, case studies and guest speakers and allow more time for questions and answers, integrating prior knowledge and work experiences into learning.

We are grateful to the Learning and Development team for their tireless work throughout the pandemic and their steadfast dedication to making sure our Great People continue to succeed.


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