Great People: Continued Career Growth

January 7, 2022

Debert Court Site Manager, Vonn Manahan.

Looking back at the 11 years he has been with Shannex, Debert Court Site Manager, Vonn Manahan, cannot help but smile.

“Shannex has been my only employer here in Canada, and I don’t see myself moving on,” says Vonn. “This has been my home, my family; the company has been so supportive.”

Vonn’s career with Shannex began in 2010 when he moved from the Philippines to Canada to settle in Nova Scotia. When he arrived, he began working as a registered nurse at Cedarstone Enhanced Care. After working there for two years he took an opportunity to support residents on the frontline at Debert Court, before becoming the site manager.

“When I started out, I didn’t foresee myself in a management position,” says Vonn. “But I was able to evolve and learned about the opportunities to grow my career within the company; they really support individuals showing potential or those wanting professional growth.”

Working for an organization that has helped him write new chapters of his career has been a fulfilling experience.

“I feel like I’m valued by the company,” he says. “Shannex is not just a company for me, it’s my home. They’ve supported me every step of the way.”

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