Dollhouse Devotion

May 19, 2022
Parkland resident Iris, tending to her beloved dollhouse.


Parkland on Eglinton West resident Iris was thrilled that she could bring her dream home along with her to her new residence.

Iris’s passion for dollhouses started when she was looking for a parking spot in Ontario’s Bloor West Village, when she spotted a window display featuring beautiful and intricate dollhouses at a store called Teddy’s Tiny Town. It wasn’t long after that her sister Daisy surprised her with a dollhouse of her own.

It took five years to fully furnish the house which features watercolour paintings, wood crafted upholstery, a working Swarovski crystal chandelier and an exterior that replicates her family home of 60 years. Iris’s dollhouse has been a labour of love and she says that it’s brought a great deal of pleasure over the years.

Today, the dollhouse is proudly on display in one of the two-bedrooms in her suite at Parkland, where she often invites other residents to come see it. Iris says that collecting dollhouses like hers is a fading pastime, but it’s a passion that she has passed onto her grandchildren and great grandchildren, with Daisy building dollhouses for Iris’s five granddaughters.


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